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Annie Tulk - Registered Psychotherapist

Annie Tulk is a Registered Psychotherapist; Certified Life and Relationship Coach; Certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Teacher and the Published Author of Annie’s Story: How to move beyond the pain of a spouse’s homosexuality. It was through her own emotional pain and the process of healing that Annie discovered her passion for personal and professional development and helping others. As a heart-centered individual, Annie connects with her clients in a kind and caring manner.

Even though Annie lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada; technology allows her to connect with clients from around the world. She works largely with individuals and couples dealing with relationship issues and especially sexual orientation issues. Annie has gained an intellectual understanding of the issues involved in the “Coming-Out” Process and the ripple effects on family and friends. She has a frame of reference in working with the individual or couple when a closeted gay spouse reveals his/her same-sex attraction and the subsequent straight spouse’s roller coaster of emotions. Annie works collaboratively with the individual and/or couple to determine the right solution for them. Sometimes the success of couples’ therapy is helping spouses to go their separate ways amicably.

As a Certified Life Coach, Annie encourages clients to gain greater self-awareness and to use their strengths/natural gifts to create happier and more meaningful lives. As a Certified Relationship Coach, Annie teaches communication skills, strategies and techniques to deal with the various issues that may be driving a wedge between you and your partner/spouse.

In 2004, Annie co-founded and continues to co-facilitate “Straight-Forward”, a peer support group in Toronto and Barrie, Ontario for the straight spouses of LGBT.

Annie volunteers as a First Responder with Straight Spouse Network and enjoys the many connections with straight spouses from around the world.

Annie has been featured in the Toronto Star and interviewed on Rogers TV and CBC radio stations. She has been interviewed and quoted in Fashion Magazine, and

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