Annie's Story - Being the Straight Spouse - Sexual orientation

Annie’s Story

This book is a combination of an autobiography of a straight spouse and a self-help book for anyone dealing with sexual orientation issues. It is an inspiring book of self-reflection and self-discovery in overcoming emotional pain and finding inner peace and happiness. This book offers insight and hope for those struggling with their truths.

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A Few Words From Annie

“I am sharing my story since many straight spouses will see a little of themselves in parts of it and hopefully they will feel less isolated and alone. In the midst of my pain and suffering, hope helped me to hang on. It was through my emotional pain and its process that I discovered my life purpose: my passion to help others.”

– Annie Tulk, M.A., Author

Annie's Story Quote - Being the Straight Spouse - Sexual orientation

What Readers are Saying about Annie’s Story


Interior Designer, London, ON

“Annie helped me through the darkest period of my life, when my husband of 30 years revealed to me that he was gay. Our weekly sessions were a lifesaver to me as I talked through the issues that surrounded his disclosure. I know that I would not be as far along with my healing process if she had not been there as my beacon of light.”


Executive Assistant, Ottawa, ON

How do I thank Annie who walked with me every step of the way through my shadow of the valley of death? Her professional insight, common sense and empathy were all and more than I needed to get me through to the other side. This book is a must read for anyone who is going through difficult times. It will inspire you to discover who you are and to be open to new beginnings.”


Grief Consultant/Meditation Teacher

“I am so grateful to Annie, as her support over the last few months has made a significant difference on my healing journey as a straight spouse. As my family transitioned into its new reality, it was soothing to communicate with Annie, as I felt she understood the complexities and challenges of a straight spouse. Annie’s genuine compassion, attentive listening skills, words of truth and encouragement, as well as her wealth of knowledge stemming from her personal healing journey, her work as a psychotherapist, and as a volunteer with Straight Spouse Network instilled the hope that I needed to continue to move forward on my healing journey.”

Anthony Levitt, MD

Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto

“Reading Annie Tulk’s book is like sitting down in a cozy room with a good friend for a long chat. Her style is warm, and there is depth and wisdom in her words. She has compassion that can only come from someone who has suffered, taken stock and transformed that pain into a deeper understanding of herself and the world around her. This book offers insight and comfort, and ultimately hope for relationships torn apart by secrets. With refreshing candor, Annie Tulk’s story and her unique perspectives, encourage us to find the remarkable rewards that come from living our authentic self, thereby recreating our lives.”